Meet the Team


Jim Snyder


Spencer "ShellBack" Hollingsworth

General Manager

Spencer can run fast...but for only 20 feet.

Josh Kunz

Sales Manager/ F&I Manager

Josh likes to watch UFC without a shirt on, and yell at the T.V. He also likes the Redskins and microwaved bean and cheese burritos.

Dustin "The Duster" Shockey

Service Manager

Dusty likes to eat sunflower seeds and drink cold black coffee.

Nick "Mr. Buddy Pickles" Spaan

Parts Manager

Nick the parts dude loves to relax in his recliner with a warm glass of milk and a cold jar of bread and butter pickles.



Sales Specialist

Pat like fish.

Parts & Service

Brian "RoboTech" Busby

Master Technician

Our bionic robo-tech, made from scrap beer cans and rubber bands .

Tony "Vader" Killian

P.A.L.S. (Parts and Service)

Tony is from PA and likes puppies. He's a Veteran too.

Phil "Dr. Phil" Bryant

Master Technician

Dr. Phil will write you a prescription to fix your power-sports needs.

Daniel Clark


Daniel the "Fog man" Clark, he's like the big bad wolf. He'll puff and puff to blow dat house down.